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about our practice

The husband and wife team of Neurocognitive Consultants of Orlando has the highest level of commitment to each patient we serve. We pride ourselves on providing a careful, in-depth analysis of any issues impacting a patient's overall functioning.

We take a considerable amount of time with each individual we serve to meticulously investigate their diverse set of concerns, presenting problems and lifestyle demands in order to tailor our services to each patient's unique needs.

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our approach

Neurocognitive Consultants of Orlando is available to collaborate with families, schools, organizations, and other professionals. Sometimes parents, spouses, and/or patients are unsure whether or not they should be concerned about a particular issue, trust a previous evaluation, or even initiate a comprehensive evaluation. In these cases, it might be helpful to meet with a doctor in order to determine whether a thorough evaluation is necessary. This appointment would serve as a “consultation” session whereby the psychologist or neuropsychologist would have the opportunity to discuss the problems or concerns in question and review any previous records to better understand the history of the problem(s).  Background information about learning history, early developmental milestones, medical consultations and follow-up, social skills, behavior, and emotional functioning will also be reviewed to determine if more formal or updated testing is indicated. 


The team at Neurocognitive Consultants also serves to educate patients, families, and other community service providers. Education as well as recommendations for remediation management and/or compensatory strategies is available to facilitate the patient’s care We consult with school districts and educational personnel on psychological and neuropsychological issues to enhance assessment and intervention for children with neurological, medical, and psychological conditions in the school. We will also provide follow-up consultation to school staff, attend any educational staffing, or participate in any collaborative meetings with other stakeholders, as needed. We also help families navigate Individualized Education Plan (IEP) and treatment team meetings. With experience in public and private classrooms, group homes, rehabilitation centers, independent living facilities, and pharmaceutical work, our team has worked with individuals ranging in age from infants to older adults, attending to a range of needs. Additionally, our clinicians have designed and implemented paraprofessional training and instruction across a variety of settings. 


Examples of other consulting activities include review of previous records and testing, clinical case consultation, consultation regarding education and work placement, clinical trials, independent neuropsychological evaluation, community education, as well as legal and expert witness testimony.

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